Monday, November 06, 2006
Anti-matter speculation

Is it possible... if you think about it... that some galaxies may be antimatter galaxies...

If you just think of why there are "bubbles" of space between galaxies... why the universe has a foam-like structure... it might actually be due to annihilation of matter-antimatter components... leaving behind huge spaces supposed to be occupied by matter or antimatter...

I am describing it like a process of "natural selection"... all those left behind are those standalone matter or antimatter that has not been annihilated...

This may sound absurd but if you think of quasars... even though they are theoretically confirmed to be huge galaxies surrounding supermassive black holes... it can be a much more efficient emitter if it is just collision between matter and antimatter...

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I have a theory that when people get persuaded or get viewpoints changed, it is based on a tipping point. Certain factors bear certain weight, which if the total weight exceeds the tipping point, he would be easily convinced. The following are 4 factors that bear great weight that contribute to tipping over the persuasion point:

1. Trust/Belief/Faith - What or who a person trusts and believes in bears great influence. If a person strongly believes that he can become successful he will most likely recover from failures. If a person does not believe in himself it is unlikely that he will be successful. If a person believes in a religion he will believe what the religious leader says as well. If a person strongly believes in his principles he will try not to break them.

2. Recognition - If a person is famous, adored by many and is recognized as a role model, many people would follow in his footsteps in order to learn from him. If a brand is famous, its goods are branded. If I say Windows Vista is going to be available free of charge, it is unbelievable, but if Microsoft made an announcement or if Bill Gates said it himself it is a great offer. Recognition of people, products and companies give people the mighty weight of trust that contribute to tipping the persuasion.

3. Repetition - If I said Justea was a great drink when it came out not everyone would have gone to try it. However, if all those who drank it said it is good, a person would hear it a good five or ten times at least, which is a good reason for him to try it as well. Repetition adds weight to credibility. It is similar to the principle of cross-referencing the sources of historical evidence. This is especially powerful in word-of-mouth epidemics, where people share good things and it spreads due to people hearing it from everyone else. This is also why heavy advertising works - repetition of a single short clip or picture would leave an impression in the mind. The more the repetition, the greater the weight on the tipping of the persuasion.

4. Suggestion - This can be the greatest weightage of all in persuasion factors. If I ask you to nod a hundred times while listening to a piece of music, you will most likely say that it was good. Instead, if I asked you to shake your head while you listened to that same piece of music, you would have a greater chance of saying that the music wasn't impressive. This is the power of suggestion. Things that you may not be conscious of may be affecting you subconsciously. The weight of the subconsious can potentially be greater than any other factor.

If I think of anything else I'll add it... or if you think of anything else just leave a comment...

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Monday, October 23, 2006
More outings

Woah... just went out yesterday with Wei Leong (a TJCO friend)... ate at Tampines Mall and then walked around Century Square... talked quite a bit about future stuff. And guess what? I met Mavis along the way with his boyfriend (I think so). I just waved to her and she waved back.

Then, on the way to meet Naim, guess what (again)! I met Louis Chin along the way. He was going down the MRT escalator while I was going up. And guess what (again?). I met Gordon. He was heading west on the same train as me. We chatted a bit before I got off at Kembangan to meet Naim.

Today, I just booked out to watch The Prestige. CWXian and CWKong and I ate at TM (again) and we watched the 1.30pm show. The cinema wasn't packed. The movie was good. It had one of the cleverest plots I have ever seen. That movie also made me seriously wonder about Tesla's physics and what he might have achieved without anyone knowing.

Posted at 05:43 pm by quan
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